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Visitors' Comments about:

Wild Oats

Philip Larkin

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The best bit?
Added by: Andrew Mayers
"Well, useful to get that learnt,"

Well, it made me smile.

Added by: surah hooway
this is a brilliant (yours is not so brilliant), it is not about oats its about wild oats.
Added by: Bee
i love the line ...'I was too selfish, withdrawn, and easily bored to love'...hes so self deprecating...yet honest!
Added by: bob marley the 2nd
Hey, I thinnk this poem is really good, it shows Larkins pesismistic attitude to relationships and how he seemed to believe real love could not be sustained. He focuses on the sexual aspects of the "bosomy rose". Larkin ultimately is un romantic and like most men just wants a quick fumble.

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