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Philip Larkin

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English literature
Added by: zara
I think that this poem has hidden depths, it is clear to people who knew about Larkin that he did not believe in Religion although this poem is very much for religion and it shows that there are many different religions each offering many ways. The poem also offers the idea of new life ''To dry, different clothes''
Added by: Megan
This is my favourite of Larkins poems. There is something so pure about using the idea of water as a founding for a religion. I know that Larkin wasn't a religious man, and this could be the reason he wrote this poem. If you don't agree with any oth religions out ther, why not create your own! and what better a thing to use than water! I love the idea of holding the water to the light. A prisim of light would be cast. i see this to be symbolic of how larkin would like his religion to be, split up into may parts, encompasing the best bits if each known religion. you may disagree with me, but thats just my opinion! would luv this poem to come up on my A level paper!
Added by: Jack
This is also my favourite Larkin poem. The opening verse is just so amazing when you really give yourself some time to get over it "If I were called in to construct a religion", i can imagine a bored Larkin sittin at a desk one day just thinking about what would happen if the phone rang and the other end informed him of his duty to 'construct a religion'. His simple words form complex ideas, it mocks religion and makes me laugh at the same time, and one can certainly not argue that atheisms biggest fault is its lack of humour.

again, a lovely poem
"Liturgy," not "Litany"
Added by: Terry Thompson
Larkin's lovely "Water" is posted - and commented on admiringly - throughout the web, yet not one reader or commentator has noticed that every posted version of "Water" contains the same error; the original poster typed "Liturgy" as "Litany," and everyone else who cut and pasted the poem simply cut and pasted the error. Perhaps this is someone's idea of a little joke? Webmeister: please - "Liturgy."

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