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Philip Larkin

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Avoiding Death?
Added by: Austin
I read this poem and I noticed something that seemed to be different from some of Larkin's other poems.

It's pretty obvious that Larkin had a theme of death going on in this, and other poems. One of the main subthemes was the unevitablility of death: it is coming. There is nothing to do about it.

Larkin illustates this the most in "Aubade", where he states that even the brave can't avoid death.

So as I'm reading this poem, I get this feeling that the speaker is running from death anyway. The speaker states that the dream is reocuring, and that he wakes up before the "H" appears, thus eluding death once more.

So I guess that this is just an interesting thing about Larkin and this poem I noticed. Any other thoughts?

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