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Visitors' Comments about:

The Whitsun Weddings

Philip Larkin

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Added by: Nicky Woolf
This is quite easily my favourite of his poems. The imagery is so vivid, and it is quite different from a lot of his other, more gloomy works.
boring and weird
Added by: Kim
i really dont like this poem, why would anyone spend time writing something so boring?
Added by: odessa
you invalid this poem is crazy cool .. so senusous so moving.. it just gets to you even if you have no idea what its about
this poem if fab
Added by: emma
In The Whitsun Weddings the title-poem describes the poet's journey by train from Hull to London. Whitsun is the seventh Sunday after Easter. In the 1950s, British tax law made the Whitsun weekend a financially advantageous time to be married.
In this poem Phillip has used a strange rhyme scheme a, b, a, b, c, d, e, c, d, e.
He has made this poem very affective by using so much description as he describes every little thing he sees from the houses to the Pullmans.
I this poem there is a very large variety of imagery being used `the secret like a happy funeral` this is quite odd as there is no happy funeral.

I can see how this poem can inspire many other poets as there is so much description and detail involved in this poem and Phillip Larkin has so much to say about this wedding he is attending. There is so much description involved in this poem so I can see why other poems like `the bride` and `the photographer` has been inspired by the witsun wedding.

Phillip Larkin has used a lot of imagery as the effect of these words and phrases leave you thinking and they all open up something new.
This poem contains a lot of content as he describes every thing he sees on his journey to London from hull `behind backs of houses, crossed streets ` he is describing what he sees on the train on his way to the wedding.
When he arrives at the wedding he begins to describe people there `I took for porters larking with the mails`, the fathers with broad belts under their suits and steamy foreheads`, `children frowned`, `the women snared`.
Added by: chris
I notice that someone else has commented that the poem is boring and weird - well its an old poem talking about old things that have changed. Its about the train journey from Hull to London - so much has changed - there are no fish docks, few pulmans or Odeons.

I used to make that journey - its a fantastic poem bringing back all the images so well, the jorney, the people the light etc.
Added by: Nina
This poem appears to be a guys day out from hull to london on the train. Why anyone would record this in a poem I don't know. The whole thing seems like a pretty dull subject but I think thast Larkin pulls this off well by using such complex language and vivid imagery.
Added by: GS
I remember as an adolescent really being able to connect with this work. It is so evocative, perhaps more so, of looking out on life, but somehow portraying that feeling of being distanced, almost sealed off from the events as he sits in the carriage, passing through the lives of others. Very much like being a teenager and going through that 'awkward' stage! Anyone who doesn't appreciate this genius must trully have lived a charmed existence.
Added by: mimi
ithink he wrote out his mind on such an ocassion when he had no other job at hand,& was terribly confused with the of concept marriage,with no formal experience of it himself at that time.though being an INDIAN,I respect the phrase that an artiste shouldnever be criticised,i just was left with no option but to frame out my mind in these words.
Added by: Rod
Combining the traveller's eternal curiosity:''who are these people I'm passing?", with the optimism of love newly bound; a tender analysis.
Added by: Virginia Appleton
I adore this poem, when winter's outstayed it's welcome as it almost always usualy does, you read this poem and can practically feel Summer just round the corner. anticpation of warm breezes carrying the happy laughter of those whitsun brides, the sweet smell of freshly cut grass and the english countryside bathed in hot sunshine. Can't wait!!

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