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Self-Portrait At 28

David Berman

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Added by: Andy
I came in after a day of lying around in the sun, and my friend had been on my computer earlier and left this page on, he was doing an assignment on something. I opened the page up from the taskbar and started reading. This poem is deeply the coolest thing I have ever read, and describes how I imagine myself in about 9 to 10 years time. Thank you
Added by: Natalya
man that is the best poem i have read in ages..except for other David Berman poems...if it isn't the same david berman then the striking simiarities raise my eyebrows.
self portrait at 28
Added by: jonathan
this has to be d.c. berman or someone just as fabulous. no one else ever reminds me of vladmir holan, ever. and if d.c. berman is ever in such dire straits that he need look at theses miserable comments then allow me to validate you, mr. berman.....you fascinate. the line about the hill you picture when the word is spoken....fabulous. absolutely fabulous.
Added by: Sarah
this poem is the most honest and amazing piece of literature i have come accross in a long time.. the way it is so absoutaly brutal in telling the complete truth is outstanding... i cant stop reading it
thank you
Added by: Lisa G.
I struggled to get through this thing and was not rewarded for my efforts. When I had finished it I was left with only questions. Was it about anything? Love? Loss? Humanity? Inhumanity? A red wheelbarrow, even? Why did the guy feel the urge to ramble on and on? What finally stopped him? How much alcohol had he consumed before writing this? And why do people like it so much? I couldn't answer any of these.
lisa g. to you
Added by: rhinestone teeth
you should not read poetry. it is not for the likes of you or any of your ilk. self-portrait at 28 is perhaps the finest poem of the 20th century. you have to notice little things like in the title, there is cause to bless (atoo!). that's brilliant...
Lighten up
Added by: Lisa G.
Well, that was pretty harsh. But it's probably what I should have expected, seeing how fanatical people are about this Berman guy, who is with the band Silver Jews.

I think it was a little unfair to say that I should not read poetry if I did not like this. Most poetry is nothing like this. I think that is precisely why I had trouble appreciating it before. I was reading it like I read other poetry, trying to find the deeper message. Because there really is no deeper message, I was frustrated. I was also frustrated by the poem's apparent lack of emotion.

By the way, I have no ilk, and if I did they would not admit it openly.

I have since read this poem a few more times and also an article in which Berman explained that at 28 he perceived his brain as being able to hold only one thought at a time, much like his dog. Somehow I didn't catch that. I also didn't realize that even though he was rambling, there was sort of a logical progression to the rambling.

I do like this poem now; my earlier comment was hasty. This poem is cute, funny and original. I am also amazed that someone could write a poem that appeals to mainstream America. I would never have thought that possible.
DB Marvel
Added by: E. D. D.
I have listened to the Silver Jews ever since about 97. I read this probably online a few months before Actual Air came out. By chance I recommended Berman as one of the few contemporary writers that matter before I left for work today. Not expecting anything but another delightful viewing, I read this for about the twentieth time today and wept. It is excruciating we cannot all be better for this, Better for each other. And it made me think that for my birthday next year, my dog and I are going to do something special. It isn't any fault of any one of the people I love, but everytime it happens to come around Valentines, I can't help but be disappointed at how many of the presents that come in the mail or are dropped off at work couldn't possibly be for me. So for twenty five next year, if I see you sulking, I'll get you something nice. I'll walk around all day and dry up or disappoint myself. Then when I show up the next day and all my friends look worried wondering "where were you?", I'll smile or hit reply, and tell them not to worry I had a wonderful time.
Added by: ks
How can you say that? You mean to tell me that you've read this (amazing) poem, and you can't answer any of those questions? Where is your imagination? This is by far the best piece of art I've ever read.... I've got so much to say on this, but not enough space.
Added by: Trevor
reading that poem was the best 30 minutes i've spent in the past two months.

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