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The Charge Of The Light Brigade

Alfred Lord Tennyson

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23-rd Psalm
Added by: Tanya
What is the exact quotation FROM twenty-third Psalm which is referred to in the poem?

Thank you.
psalm 23
Added by: Chad
It's a slight allusion to the fourth verse and the line "though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death"
Valley of Death
Added by: J. Fox
I fear you are both looking too literally at the poem. "Valley of Death" in the poem refers to the men the Light Brigade left behind. Initially when Lord Lucan issued the command to the Earl of Cardigan to seize the guns in the mouth of the valley, he did not realize from his point of view in the valley that the Russians had cannon out of his line of vision, thus..."Jaws of death" refers to the cannon "to the right..." etc. and "valley of death" was indeed what the light brigade rode out of. I do not feel there was any great religious connotation, merely poetic license to envision .
Added by: Liam Hainey
This is one of the biggest peices of patriotic nonsense i have ever read in my life. How can you glorify one of the greatest blunders in millitary history, the pompus git wrote this after reading a article in the times you should read some wilfread owen its far superior he knows what war is actuly like
Added by: S.S.
I don't think that war or the 'blunder' was being glorified. The poem is more of a way of honoring the men who were the victims of their superiors' orders. One can draw a parallel to the American soldiers in the middle east right now.
Added by: dizzle
You guys do not know what you are talking about.He was glorifiny the people who lost their lives fighting in the war, not the battle or the blunder.

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