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First Death In Nova Scotia

Elizabeth Bishop

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am i corret?
Added by: wendy
after read this poem first time ,i was so confused with the content becouse got so many conflit between me & the text..such as when the Aurthur's father fired a bullet into him",i don't know the "him" here refer to who?Does it refered to Arthur or the bird?
but..after i gone through this poem many time..i already can catch it up.

over all i this the poet try to use the child prespective to desscride the "death".for children,mostly they do not know about the death,what they see from their eyes is there is a party where have a person who deeply sleep lying in the big box.so many people come and visit them with flowers.the children do not realise the coming people are all looked sad.this remind me the funeral of my grandfather,when my grandfather was died,i was just 8 years old,at that time i no ever know what it the "died"meaning.what i know is i so exciting & happy no need go to school and have a chance go back to hometown.when i was at the funeral,i saw my grandfather lying in the coffin with his old clothers..i really thought he was sleeping.my parent din't explain anything to me,just ask me followed what they told.
so from a child perspective,is queit limitted for them to understand the "death",they can't connect such situation.
they also don't know the finality of the life.they just feel so curious why the corpse is sleep so deep?
The poet also used colour to show the child perspective.for examlpe,white coloured usually present pure,cold.While red coloured present warm,hot,power of life.

another way,the poet also use the child thinking in this poem.such as ""a little frosted cake"to descride the coffin,and descride the corpse as "doll".
a symbolic
Added by: celine
There are several lines mentioned the view’s of a child about death or lifelessness. My first sense impression is tactile which is ‘the cold, cold parlor’ in stanza one. For the word, “cold”, I felt sorrow and sadness mood in the room. While the child’s mother laid Arthur down in the coffin. The little girl observed the death of a loon which had been shot and preserved by Uncle Arthur. These words, “him”, “He”, “his”, refers to the dead loon. Loon is a type of bird with red eyed. The dead loon was displayed on the marble-topped table. Bishop indicated the child’s fantastic incomprehension of the loon and Arthur’s death. In my opinion, that particular line is described as tactile images of hardness and coldness. The marble-topped table is made by hard, shining stone which is cold. This is a symbolic of death as cold, hard, no feeling or inside like the stone itself.

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