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Carl Sandburg

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The poem. Duh.
Added by: Jeff
While obviously not one of his more famous poems, I think Flux is extremely symbolic of many things. Of course, my opinion stinks because every single one of my conclusions make no sense.

For instance, I think the light reaching and quivering, trying to get a hold of something is referring to the government at the time, trying to retain control over a crumbling society. The government tried night and day to keep the United States from falling into an anarchy.

Another symbol could be how as times change, things change. In that time period, again, the United States was trying to keep themselves out of European affairs, but as World Wars 1 and 2 were called, the U.S. got more involved in the world. Now, the red sand could represent the U.S. staying more to themselves, while the yellow sand represents the U.S. fully involved in world affairs and taking control of things.

These are just a few of my opinions, but if I put them all down, this comment would be too long.

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