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I Do Not Love You Except Because I Love You

Pablo Neruda

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Added by: RANDOM (PH)
I like this better than Love Sonnet XVII...
Added by: ramona
how perfect is this poem?
it is like saying i am a fluid river in in being a fluid river i am a dry and barren stream bed.
how can the night be consumed with darkeness yet not escape the light? this poem wraps around my mind and given me confort on this night. what a great website.
Added by: icxs
a very nice poem (it just sounds so perfect in both english and spanish)......
Added by: chris
Too basic, too dry, a-typical love poetry.
Added by: Raymond
very straightforward...

nice poem
Added by: peter
its like a verse in the bible... have a direct, powerful literal meaning but still like an iceberg, hidden under its lines are enormous ways to interpret and reinterpret it.. good choice of words, good delivery... like a myth.
Added by: Smith
Nice! very meaningfull! remides me of my past misadventure with love....
Added by: S.W.
I love this poem. I have it framed on my wall. I read it all the time. I read this poem and feel loved. I think that is the mark of truly good poetry. I love Pablo!!!!
o my gosh!!!!!!!
Added by: mokiya
this is so sweet !! i can really see my self saying this 2 someone

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