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Coffee & Dolls

April Bernard

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Added by: dawn amato
God, aren't we all, "looking for a narrative in which suffering makes sense". Or, as some say, if there is a God, He has a lot to answer for. (The Gnosticism crowd might be on to something with there 'version' of the story. Hope to read more of your poems. Congrats on the new book.
Added by: Gypsey
Suffering is a fact of life it doesn't need to make sense. I worked in a place like that, as a coffee girl, I sold cocaine there too and gave the men packs of cigarettes. The tips were really big, enough for me to justify being part of it, the gun running would liberate someone in another part of the world. Now as a mother everything has changed. I used the money to go to college I don't have to live there anymore, I wouldn't raise my kids there. Something good came from bad...it makes sense.

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