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Poem (As the cat)

William Carlos Williams

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The Cat
Added by: djangone
This poem IS quite deep. Read it again. Where's the verb? Why is it there? What kind of rhythm is set up? Is there any suspense in (1) watching a cat and (2) reading the poem that's brought about by the position of the verb?

What happens to the cat? It disappears, no? The subject of the poem is gone at the end of the poem. Could that, by chance mean anything about how WCW viewed the relationship of subject to object, figure to ground, foreground to background, and how poems, in general, work?

And why is it called 'Poem'?

I ask because I don't have the time to write out the answers. This poem is a gem, one of the deepest short poems you'll ever see, while on the surface being one of the simplest.

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