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Amy Lowell

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Added by: Rebecca
This is one of the worst poems I have ever read. The trite symbollism and over-used juxtaposition of cold and hot makes me gag. The fact that certain opals are actually known as Fire opals make this poem even less imaginative than at first glance.
Added by: sara
Maybe it's a joke. Maybe it's ironic. Maybe she hates that guys guts. Maybe she's making a statement to that effect.
wrong ,wrong,wrong
Added by: casey
Amt Lowell was a lezbian so to say that she must have been mad at a guy is just ignorant she wasnot writing about a man she was writing about a lover of hers the fire and ice probally describes the sensation of ger lover percieved by Amy
blatant idiotic comments
Added by: J-1
I have fail to understand why you people make all those stupid, ignorant comments. If you are unable to accolade the poem then don't make a comment at all.
read deeper
Added by: MTSU Student
I think its a great poem. Love does this to people. Love is an amotional rollercoaster, sometimes making you feel you are on tope of the world and other time the world on top of you.
Added by: derrick
This is an Imagist poem in all its glory. I'm sorry that it seems trite to you at this point in time; however, when it was written it was pretty darned cutting edge. That's the long and the short of it. I happen to enjoy the poem...It's a good solid Imagist metaphor.

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