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The Genius Of The Crowd

Charles Bukowski

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Added by: post box
Well now. You just said hit the nail on the head with the golden hammer here, Charles in Charge.
Added by: Adamlikov Bratislav
totally. for me, his genius lies in not only in how he sees through everything materialistic (like all true great thinkers) but the way in which he doesn't have to think at all. he knows it and feels it, you can tell it's 100% genuine.
Yep..Bullshits bullshit
Added by: Harry Shall
Buk somes up the knowers .. and more. It's enough to send you to drink ... excellent !
Added by: David
This has always been one of my favorite poems. No esoteric BS; just the herd mentality of human nature summed up in a brilliant, if not booze induced, rant.
true...bull shit
Added by: scott
Although this poem is a true work of art, it makes people think that they think diffrent, when in reality they are buying bull shit of a diffrent brand. Doing the same thing with this poem that the poem is against.
Added by: rob
Hank is the king, period...

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