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Sara Teasdale

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Literary Analysis Rubric
Added by: Kou Lee
I want to know what you mean in this poem. What evey line means. If you could write me a essay on what each line in this poem means, that will be great. I would like you to include the author, audience, purpose, types of augrument, attitude,
imagery,metaphor, personification, and a brief conclusion.
please email me @ pretty_lyboi@yahoo.com
p.s thanks...
Added by: disgusted
To whom are you directing this command? Teasdale's been dead for over seventy years, idiot.

Do your own homework, kid.
yes that is correct. she died on January 29, 1933. i love that people are rediscovering her poetry. i have been reading it for over 40 years now, since i was a child. i always thought she had been forgotten, but since the internet, wow, she has really been rediscovered. she is my favorite poet.
Sense of Barter
Added by: samuel rufus
barter means a person gives some thing in exchange for gettin something else in the form of goods or foods. here the poet pleads to mankind to barter its difficulties, sorrows and unpleasantness for obtaining a loveliness which is the breath of ecstasy, and which cannot be equated to the bartered things.
thus the poem speaks of the beautiful things in our life which we should enjoy by sacrifice. great enjoyment comes only out of great sacrifice, seems to be the maxim that the poetess uses in this lovely poem.
Added by: MissPoemLover
this poem is unusual and odd but in a good way... Who knew she was dead i think she was brought back to her like by her poems

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