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Billy Collins

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Added by: Nick B
Absolutely brilliant. Pulls the comfortable rug FROM under the padded feet of at least 83% of poets. Straight INTO my top 5.

Cheers, Nick
Added by: Jackie
Kind of reminds me of Shakespeare's Sonnet 130- My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun... Both poems are critical of the traditional Petrarchan conceit.
I, Too, Am the Bread and the Knife
Added by: Matthew Sullivan
You know, up until the end, it was a cute, gimmicky poem.

And then, for whatever reason, the last stanza gave me fucking chills. That was love, man. I'm going to go fall in love.
Litany by Billy Collins
Added by: Karen
i think this poem gallantly and elegantly stands on that razor sharp edge of self-mockery and conceit, between meaing and being. it made me giggle. i want to share it widely. and yes, the love, all the way through, just in its many essences.
i am in love
Added by: Katey
I am so in love with Collins' and his poems. This one is definitely one of my favorites. Talk about taking a quote and running with it. Yes...it definitely displays both mockery and conceit. Nicely put. My favorite part? "It is possible that you are the fish under the bridge, /
maybe even the pigeon on the general's head,"
Added by: Abra
yes, brilliant. like many of his poems, especially the ones on love, Collins is toungue-in-cheek and infinitely tender. I would refer those who enjoyed this one to "Sweet Talk" (also by Collins) in The Art of Drowning collection
Added by: Ben
I cry every time I read this poem. I don't know why. Usually I can allow myself to be taken away by a poem while at the same time read it critically and understand. This poem is senseless to me, but powerfull.
Added by: Raymon Parker
Quite possibly the best poem of our time by certainly the best poet of our time. Billy Collins is the bomb, so to speak.
Added by: Eric!
I saw Billy read this in Jersey last month. He is a living legend. His efforts to bring poetry to classrooms with Poetry 180 are refreshing. It is my hope that Collins inspires a new generation of "blue jeans" poets.

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