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Visitors' Comments about:

My Life

Joe Wenderoth

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Added by: Ginger Sylvie
"than" in line 4 should read "then"
You're right...
Added by: Jough (editor)
... but you should talk to the poet. I just double-checked, and that's the way he originally published the poem - with "than" instead of "then" in line 4.
Added by: Joe
No, in the book the word is "then" and it is spelled "then" too. Also, I'd note that that is one of the few poems in the book that has some typo's-- missing period in a spot or two. I regret this deeply.
who cares about typos?
Added by: shannon peach
I find that typos are often the most interesting part of a story. Happily, that is not the case with this poem. What interests me is the idea of life as a thing quite apart FROM self. "I no longer make My Life do tricks." Simple, clean, original. I could spend all day sitting here and enjoying imaginary visions of my life as a poodle. I predict Wenderoth will be the Van Gogh of poets.
Life as metaphor
Added by: C. diane gallegos
Among other things, I was startled by Mr. Wenderoth's embrace of the burden of existence; to speak of -Life-as "naturally trapped." This is not a lyrical homage to death or life; it's the closest true voice of experience and solace I've encountered in contemporary poetry: "Between My Life and me,/ a silence is coming,/
Together we will not get through this."

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