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Visitors' Comments about:

Saturday At The Canal

Gary Soto

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Added by: Chris
Obviously, this poem relates an little boy's experience and how he feels about it.
Added by: Kevin
Obviously, if thats how you see the poem, you're an idiot. Unless of course you see a 17 year old man as a "little boy". On top of which, he is not conveying his feelings of "an experience he had", but rather an ongoing feeling of being trapped in his hometown. He wishes to get out of the town, much like the rushing water out of the canal. Therefore, you "obviously" have no idea what your talking about.
Added by: Random Buckethead
Heh... Calm down, sparky, poem interperetation is entirely subjective you know...
i feel as if i can relate somehow...
Added by: Rebecca
i feel as if i can relate to this poem... it brings back memories of my friend's and I, sitting by the lake behind our houses wondering what tomorrow was going to bring. desperately wondering what was lurking at the bottom of the lake... thinking about school, and things to be wishing that we werent there but elsewhere... the passing of the years, everyone moved away somehow... we became distant from eachother and nothing ever did change quite like we wanted it too... we still had the same dreams and asperations; watching the waters...
read his other works!!!
Added by: Brigitte Rodriguez
if you know anything at all about the life gary soto led as a boy, or a young adult i should say, and have read some of his other works, you would understand where the poem came from. "obviously" it tells about a 17 year old watching his boring life pass by, wanting to get away from his school and society, envying the water as it escapes
Added by: Felicia
Obviously, Kevin you dont know what your talking about I like to see you become a writing!!!
Added by: Scott Bartlett
Well....I can tell you all, I know exactly the way Gary felt. After all we were best friends at the time. How true, Gary, how true!
Added by: maria
OBVIOUSLY.. all of you people donīt know what else to write rather than the word OBVIUOSLY.... i would like to say that this poem though it is not deep nor with words most of us canīt figure out has a stronger meaning from other work. I really enjoyed reading this poem and the imagry expresed by soto was facinating.

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