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The Psalm Of Life

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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Added by: KT
This poem is such a beautiful celebration of life! I quote it almost every day. Longfellow wrote this after the death of his wife which is remarkable because he loved her so much and yet was able to write such an inspiring poem. it is a poem that should be read at any time, especially when ur happy or when ur sad or hopeless looking for some inspiration.
Added by: Morgan Brittany
This is one of the most spiritual and inspirational poems I've read. Longfellow was depressed at the time and yet he spoke with incentive. It tells me we are not to live our life in vain but to live a moral life worth living. We do not live to die. We are blessed with to live in this world for a short amount of time and during this period we should live with hope, love, and courage.
Added by: Mr
I would like this poem, but I have to write an essay on it. Actualy this is a great poem, besides the essay part.
Added by: robert dale ballard
i memorized and recited this poem in the 5th grade. I can still recite about 85% of it. As I look back I can see where this poem has had and still has a profound influence on my life and how I view same! What a blessing after all these years.
Added by: Dwayne Ingram
This poem truly moved me. The words draw a vivid picture of how we should respond to this precious gift we been given by God called "life."
i like this a lot
Added by: Zebb.
i think its a deep peom i really felt my insides tingle.....kinda how i feel when me and Dustin King get together and play with my toys. i love this peom. I also believe that Scott allen isw a gay fag and also plays with other boys toys

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