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Introduction To Poetry

Billy Collins

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Introduction To Poetry
Added by: Jill
This is a great poem! It really speaks to its readers. Collins seems sick and tired of the people who just want a poem analyzed for whatever reason. I loved the last few lines which express how many people don't take the time to read a poem or even think about it at all. All they truly want is an answer, and then their job is done. Poems shouldn't be taken advantage of like that, and that is why I love how Collins expresses that in his poem. Enjoy poems for what they are!
Added by: Dave
As someone who writes poetry, I often have this frustration. I totally feel this poem.

That said, it's not exactly a stand-alone poem. For what it is, it's good, but it's not all that great a poem.
Added by: Tim
I really enjoyed this poem. It was a rude awakening of the study and analyzation of poetry. Collins seems to be tired of the constent misjudging of poems. Many poeple try to make things harder than they really are! Like many things, the anwsers sometimes stare us right in the face! Like often said, " One can't see for looking!"
Added by: Jeff
Interactive poetry; what fun. Come sit in this chair, never mind those arm restraints - those were just for the last poem - and those are macrame materials hanging on that door, not rubber hoses.

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