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Louis MacNeice

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Added by: William Kirk
the word "rose" in line 2 should, i think be plural, i.e. "roses".

The line "the drunkenness of things being various" is one of the great lines of poetry. It describes perfectly what MacNeice celebrated in his work.
snow by louis macneice
Added by: judith
a really good poem

very diceving in a good way

show that good things are not the same as the way we look at them

we take things for granted
rose v. roses
Added by: Kevin Vlasek
I've found several different reprints of this poem, and some have "rose" in the second line while others have "roses." To continue the motif of contrast and incongruity, one could argue that the color pink "rose" up against the white background. such an incongruity could be considered, "Soundlessly colateral and incompatible" as Macneice put it. If anyone knows what word was originally written feel free to e mail me.
MacNeice website
Added by: Michelle Gallen
BBC NI have created a website with a section on the life and works of MacNeice. Video clips from the BBC NI Writing Home documentary will be included shortly. Check out

macneice snow
Added by: A Weir
Contrary to popular belief, Mcaneice actually wrot nose and noses instead of rose and roses in this poem. I think you'll agree it reads much better. ar-ar

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