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Try To Praise The Mutilated World

Adam Zagajewski

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try to praise the mutilated world
Added by: kathleen o\'donnell
I heard this poem read on BBC Radio 4 Poetry Please. I was moved. It makes me feel like poetry I happened upon by Ben Okri in the aftermath of 9-11. Continue to light the darkness! We need that! Thank you.
Added by: Mike
This is one of those rare "uplifting" poems that doesn't delve INTO melancholy or over-sentimentality. We need more of this. Please.
Try to praise the mutilated life
Added by: Julia Frey
A friend recommended this poem to me at a time when we are both dealing with the illness and death of people we love. I understand why she deeply respects Zagajewski'd poetry.
It provokes us to keep it in mind and use it in our own ways.

She said she'd been thinking about it and the further thought: "try to praise the mutilated life" came to her mind. That is to say, that by extension, we need to look at our lives, despite the disasters,tragedies and disappointments we suffer, for the beauty and courage they still contain.

Added by: Sukanya Datta
It reminded me of the Desiderata, ".. with all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world..."
Sometimes, caught up in the turmoil of living...it is easy to forget. I thank the poet for reminding me to keep the faith. The poem touched my heart.
Added by: Al
This translation is by Clare Cavanaugh, not the person named.

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