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The Supreme Moment

Charles Simic

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the supreme moment
Added by: didi
i think simic really squeezed all he could from the supreme moment. i love how he takes himself down to level of the ant and the boot. its like time freezes over and he expands into it. TSM had the odd curve where you expected a straight line and the hammer to anvil ending was rang with potential of an 'easy out' then showed enough courage to be true[blunt]. a nice little trip of a poem. simic has a deft touch and a fresh eye that i really admire. he is uncomplicated in his execution but rarely obvious in his wordplay and associations.
Added by: Jeff
Simic's portrayal of the ant reminds one of the commonplace man in life, when pressed he has ideas, and these ideas make him big in the face of what once was to large to overcome. The ant faces the boot as the man superiorizes himself to his former superiors. Wonderfully liberating poetry of Simic's.

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