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Tonight I Can Write

Pablo Neruda

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Added by: jomel
The first time i heard this poem, i felt . . . love. TO me, it doesn't matter wether you have or have not experience deeply in love, just by hearing or reading this poem creates a path deep inside you and takes you to the place and time where it is originally being felt. It may be a sad poem, but it makes me smile knowing that people are capable of loving as such. Just continue LOVING.
Added by: amelia
hey, i'm taking a course on neruda and just wanted to put my two cents in. i don't think "shattered" is necessary to understand the poem, in fact i think it detracts from the point of that verse. to say the night is "shattered" with stars implies negativity, which i'm sure is what the translators were going for--but the whole point is that those verses are NOT inherently tragic or sad, it's his state of mind that renders them so. to insert "shattered" is to strip away that layer of meaning.
Added by: amelia
and i must agree, it is one of the saddest (and most beautiful) poems i've ever read.
Tonight I can write
Added by: Blue Bananas78
I was not interested in poetry until I read this poem. Love every line especially "love is so short, forgetting is so long". Beautiful because it is so tragic. Will always bring tears to my eyes.
Added by: Lorna Wellings
This translation captures the spirit and tone of the poem far more effectively than the anonymous one entitled "saddest poem". Perhaps you could add the original version in Spanish as well? To hear it read in Spanish, even if you don't speak the language, is a beautiful experience.

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