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Visitors' Comments about:

High Windows

Philip Larkin

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Added by: Tammy
I read this poem in college and absolutely loved it. It summed up life's journey in a nut shell. When you're young you view life in one narrow perspective, but as you age and experience life, you begin to see it in a new, fresh light. Beautiful.
Added by: Simon
More than just the changing of perspective, this poem comments on the changes in standards and morality. That almost awkward frankness in the first stanza points to the thrust of the poem. The directness of the young folk's relationships is paradise to one who remembers greater repression.
Larkin's "High Windows"
Added by: Des
Further to Simon's comment, I feel that the thrust that he speaks of leads us to the last stanza. In this we may see the part of Larkin that is free from the repression of his youth, the part of him that soars away from earthbound concerns.It puts me in mind of this verse from George Herbert's 'The Elixir'

A man that looks on glass,
On it may stay his eye;
Or if he pleaseth, through it
And then the heaven espy.

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