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Visitors' Comments about:

For The Dead

Adrienne Rich

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Added by: ziggie
my first impulse about its meaning is that it seems like shes looking back on the emotional state of a friend, prior to their suicide...

its probably more complicated than that, though.
Added by: april
In reference to Ziggy's comment, you are right. Rich wrote the poem about Anne Sexton, her best friend, after Sexton had committed suicide.
better analysis?
Added by: D.A.
so far, it sounds like this is a poem about a person who was trying to save her friend from suicide. Could anyone provide a deeper analysis?
Added by: Lisa G.
I don't have anything "deep" to say, but I think this is a nice, poignant poem about the tragedy of being the one who loves a self-destructive person and of being forced to waste one's energy on trying to help that person even after there is no use for their help.
Added by: Missy
If this is a poem about Riche's best friend Anne Sexton [who I consider my "favorite" poet], did she know Plath as well? I have always heard of Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath as close friends almost in competition over suicide, so I have never heard about this writer's possible relation.

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