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Elizabeth Jennings

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the amount of poems on your web site
Added by: stuart harper
There is only two poems of Elizabeth Jennings that i can find.

I would like it if i could have the poem One Flesh.
Added by: Alireza Ameri
I am translating Jenning's poems, an d I needed one or two photo (mugshot) of her face. I wonder if you could help me with that? Thanks.
Added by: Sukanya Datta
Elizabeth Jenning's voice is a new one for me. The Delay is the first poem of hers that I read.

It is evocative.. doesn't hammer home a point but leaves wisps of thoughts to tantalize the imagination...Reading it I realize there may be a little wistfulness in me that I will not be there when today's starlight finally reaches BUT I am thankful that delayed or not, some light still reached my eyes and that "... love arrived" in the end irrespective of whether I will be there to welcome it...

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