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Langston Hughes

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Added by: James
I was wondering Hughes was referring to when he writes "...we black are wise..."
Was he african...I don't think he is (confused).

TY James.
Added by: Zephyr Bronzed
His skin was as dark as night.
Added by: liz
yes. he was black. how deep is the hole you are living in??????

and this poem is AMAZING.
Added by: Simon
This a fantastic poem; I got turned on to Hughes by an exam (of all things) - it helped me sail through English Language & Literature A2, so thank you Langston Hughes!
Is he still alive?
Added by: tired student
i was lucky enough to get this poem as an unseen text in my recent english exams. writing for two hours about a poem this great didn't really feel like a chore!
Regarding TY JAMES' statement
Added by: Libby
TY JAMES asked if Langston Hughes was african. I'm only 13 and YES...he is. I'm doing a school report on Langston Hughes. I just couldn't believe he didn't know that. Sorry, but I had to say something.
Regarding Simon's statement.
Added by: Libby
Just like I had to say something to TY James, of course Langston Hughes is dead. Seriously people, I'm only 13 and know more about Langston Hughes than you do. By the way I'm doing a school report on him, and I don't mean to sound too harsh.
Added by: Anjali
Hughes sounds so bitter
when talking about justice.
He knows why justice is blind;
not out of choice. I'm 13 too and I'm amazaed that someone out of school wouldn't know that Langston Hughes was dead and African American.

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