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Langston Hughes

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Added by: Jim Ross
In his poem titled, "Democracy" Langston Hughes expresses a need for African American People to be impatient and not wait for scoiety to work it's course. Hughes believed that the Whites wished for the African - American's to be surpressed and to not have the same rights, when in acutality whites had denied themselves of the same rights they created. In the majority of his poetry including "Democracy", Hughes speaks of the need for Rebellion but he never gives his own ideals on how this should be done. Hughes simply follows the typical revolutionary croud. It is one thing to speak of change but in none of his poems does Hughes actually mention how to go about this change. Simply taking action is not a solution. How should people take action and what should they do? Langston Hughes uses poetic protest in order to deliver a message. The problem is he is not specific on his messgae. He states over and over that African-Americans deserve freedom and equal rights in this poem and not to wait, but because African-Americans were waitng their freedom was coming. African-American people were able to own land in the north and go to jazz clubs in unity with the whites. Maybe waiting was the right thing to do.
Added by: Dana
I just have one question, Do African-Americans or any other non-white race really have equal rights? Do they have the same rights as White Americans?
Added by: Aida
Well, they cirtianly did not used to, they should have the same rights now, but are still looked at in a different way by society. There is still a great amout of prejudice of different coloured people which is undiniable

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