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Ode To A Dressmaker's Dummy

Donald Justice

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Added by: Steve
I believe this is one poem that will be remembered when it comes to poetry. It is sort of humorous and it shows that you don't have to be in love with a human object. Yeah it's kind of corny but oh well.
The wonderful world of Donald Justice
Added by: Evan Z
I do truly believe that Donald Justice smoked opium regularly. He was credited with the Pulitzer Prize no less, but he had erratic behavior as well as strange subliminal messages in his works. The creditation is not deluvian but without solid facts there will be no device to prove potency. He is still alive but many drug addicts live to see another day. I spoke with him on the subject and he replied with a statement about knowing a few people who used opium and he said that once was enough for him.....yeah right. Right after our meeting I saw him light up a bowl of marijuana, granted it is not opium but it is a drug. He shouldn't have his works published and he should be unable to provide any works to the children of America. We don't need any more corruption and devistation in our young children's minds. The war on terrorism should be enough of a punishment. I do believe everything stated in this file.
Added by: Mel
Donald Justice is one of the most inspiring and wonderful poets ever to live.This poem i think will go down in history, because of the discription and it is also very humorous!
Added by: Michael Alison
How closed-minded, to ignore the feeling and beauty of Justice's poetry because of a biased view towards the use of marijuana. Justice was an incredibly talented and soulful person with immessurable beauty to share with the world. He should be remembered and respected as such.

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