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Please Master

Allen Ginsberg

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its a bit porny
Added by: Poalo Sosa
I'm all for the freedom to publish homopornographic poems anywhere u want but it'd probably be better if there was some warning as to what i was about to read, u kno wot i mean? It's still a pretty good poem though and i'm sure if i was a gay guy of his generation i would've adored allen like a lovegod.
Added by: Eani
I read this as a woman and a feminist and a poet and enjoy it.
Added by: anna
No, this isn't pornography. No, this isn't a feministic poem. This is about Neal.
Added by: Chris
This is smut. Beit hetro or homo. This is not art.
Added by: Christine Spencer
I agree with Chris, and I LOVE Ginsey.
Added by: Lizz Tooher
Looks like Ginsberg got what he wanted from this poem.....people to take note of it and comment on it. For it to cause a jostling to what you are thinking enough for you to make your own voice heard.

Good Job Ginsberg!
Added by: shelby
this is the nastiest poem i think ive ever read before!!pervert

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