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Allen Ginsberg

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the point
Added by: treblemaker04
Ginsberg beautifully describes how the most brilliant minds to penetrate history have been forward-thinkers, so ahead of their time that they are rejected by society. These poets, artists, and musicians are plagued by the raw honesty of the world as they perceive it. The results are overwhelming.
Added by: Cyber_SkyFalcon
This was amazing. I didn't know a person could write poetrey like that. It discribes in wonderful detail everyting that it said anything about. It talkes about histoy and everything. It was a little confusing but all i can say is wow.
Added by: mike
Howl is a young mans poem. It doesn't carry the same weight at the age of fourty as it did when you were twenty five. It reads to me now like one big euphemism for the beat generation. Or rather what the author wanted others to perceive it as.
Added by: jesse
howl is a beautiful poem, written to commemorate a fast and intense love for carl solomon. it conveys the spirituality of the era and between allen and carl. As "goodbye porkpie hat" is mingus' ode to lester young, this is ginsbergs solemn, soulful beautiful eulogy for the life of a lost loved companion
Added by: russ lane
Ginsberg doesn't deserve to be mentioned with the real greats of American poetry (viz. Frost and Eliot) and I can almost see Whitman turning in his grave each time some dumbass lets Ginsberg get away with comparing them to each other by virtue of their fagness. Here's to expelling A.G. from all textbooks!
Added by: cupcake310
A.G.'s works are amazing and beautiful. He was different and ahead of his time and if you don't appreciate or understand his writing, then don't read it.
Added by: Poalo Sosa
I would assume most of the people looking at this page think russ lane's an idiot anyway, so i won't go into detail, but just to annoy him anyway i'd like everyone to imagine Ginsberg, (by popular majority and intelligent insight a profoundly great poet) sharing a sweet love with good old Walt. :-)
Added by: jabber
At time when the word gay meant capture/police brutality/Stonewall/war, Ginsberg graced the world with Howl.
At a time when the world was full of war, Whitman walked amongst men and gave us "I sing the body electric" Both Poets measure the world of men by the humanity of the individual. May the poets of every generation be the strength of each and every nation through their reflections rather than their judgements.
bravery, beauty
Added by: Cowboy Angel
This poem has bravery - Ginsberg risked arrest when it was published (and he was arrested) and still wrote it, to let the world know what he felt and saw. This poem also has beauty - Ginsberg's spectacular style of intricate detail and repitition - especially since he was an enigmatic public speaker, this poem and his others stand out from other poets' work. Truly a hero of the 20th century.
Added by: Clueless
Unfortunately for all the profound greatness that is Allen Ginsburg's Howl, I, born just a couple of generations later, am clueless about it. I haven't lived in the time of Ginsberg nor saw what he saw, and I cannot comprehend what exactly about it is brave or great or revolutionary. The way I see it, the only qualifier for it as poetry is that it's too choppy to be prose. I see how this rapid "beat" of emotion and thought can be beautiful, but after several hundred lines of it, it just winds down to nothing.

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