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Allen Ginsberg

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Added by: Brad
the first time i read this poem.. it amazed me.. i read it 3 or 4 times again.. i love it.. allen ginsberg was a hero.. a wonderful mind.. everyone can learn something about him....
Ginsberg's America
Added by: Louis
What I like about his work is how the frenetic words come alive and all the characters are idiosyncratic and real because of his energy and he writes so personally and his knowledge is broad but he doesn't come across pedantic.
Added by: Noelle
Ginsberg was a phenomenal writer who knew how to grasp his readers with a passion unlike nearly any other writer. His work is amazing, which is why I decided to introduce his work to the english 11 class I TA.
Ginsberg's America
Added by: Rich
the thing with allen ginsberg is that he did most of his writing under the influence of marijuana. thats why its so "all over the place" but still excellent and thought out writing. ;)
Incredible words.
Added by: John Carmitchel
My queer shoulder to the wheel. Unbelievable. He's so cynical, yet so hopeful and caring.
Added by: Chauncey
Yep, still the best poem ever.
Everyone should read this, not just Americans
Added by: Cowboy Angel
Ginsberg - what a poet! This poem is so relevant even today, even though it was written 40 years ago. The america of today - hell, the WORLD of today should sit up and listen to what he's saying here. Teachers! Put it on syllabuses! Public speakers! READ IT OUT LOUD! Everybody! Tell everyone else about this poem, and Ginsberg's other greats - Howl is just as great, if not greater than America.
Added by: peace lover
it's difficult to make a comment on something like this. but i'll try to say that it's as wonderful as ginsberg himself. i staretd appreciating recently for many reasons one is that he liked a Morocan city Tangiers.

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