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Grace Paley

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Added by: Tamara Kempton
I heard this poem being read by Garrison Keilor... it was Memorial Day and it was the day that we were going to have the official dedication of my Aunt Marjorie's garden. Aunt M was a WWII vet and her death last year was a loss for all of us. Her love of flowers and life and her genuine delight at reading and discussing a good poem were captured for me in "Here".
Added by: Nancy Rousseau
What a perfect example of "showing love" in precise images. It says everything.
Added by: Marasha Williams
When i read this poem, i pictured my husband and i. Love is a beauiful thing and this poem illistraights just how magnifecent it is to share your life with the one you love and grow old together having generation after generation witness the love you have for one another.

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