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Visitors' Comments about:

To A Sad Daughter

Michael Ondaatje

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Added by: sara
I wish you'd put more by Michael Ondaatje here.
Added by: Jough (editor)

Submit some more Ondaatje, and I'll add it.

It's really *that* simple.


-- Jough
read Billy the Kid instead
Added by: Jim
This certainly isn't his strongest work, and yet for some reason it was a subject of one of my lit finals. Very dissapointing, like one of those sappy unconditional love notes you sent an ex in grade 10, except with a dash of worldly knowledge so lovingly passed on by that ever-gurgling fountain of knowledge: the poet.
Added by: djy
as an absent father this poem moved me to tears. It resonates with a kind of "sweet pain". The father hurts because he loves his child...he hurts because he knows she will soon leave him...and he hurts because he knows that is the way it should be. A terrible-beautiful poem.
Added by: scottie
What is so interesting about this poem is the title, "To a Sad Daughter." No where does he really say she is sad. However, it becomes clear that she is different than what the social norms allow for a female. She likes hockey, in particular the goalie, which would represent the traditional male role of Protector. She's also noted as being partial to a movie that is typically appealing to males. The rest of the emotions described belong to the father, who may be the only one who admires her femininity. I say this because it is the conflict between her character and the normal expectaions of females that is described here. As a woman, I can relate to the difficultiy that occurs when one doesn't fit into the "norm" of one's gender. I am guessing that is the source of her sadness. She is fortunate to have a father that understands her. That is rare in this world.
Added by: yazzy
I love Michael's work, it is all truly insparational and amazing. I'm in love with "To a Sad Daughter". It is a wonderful poem and it truly does touch me... I wish you would have more of Michael's work :)
Added by: Chris
"I'd sell my arms for you." That's so good I can't stand it.

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