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After The Last Dynasty

Stanley Kunitz

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new Stanley Kunitz poems not in books yet
Added by: Jeremy Friedman
Is "After The Last Dynasty" in one of Stanley Kunitz's books?
What I got out of this Poem
Added by: JayShaw
The title of the poem suggests that it may be a poem from Stanley Kunitz to an Asian women. Iím pretty sure that he wouldnít be writing to a man, not using the imagery that he, Stanley Kunitz, has used. "After the Last Dynasty", to me that seems like the title of a cartoon that involves lots of fighting. This cartoon would take place in Japan, where the "Final Dynasty" finally crumbles. This is what I got out of the poem, at first glance.
After doing a bit of research, this is what I found:
"Li Po" is not a language or a writing style. It is an Asian poet who is famous for his writing. And, Iím pretty sure that even without research, that the reference to Chairman Mao is an Asian man who has taken a seat in a political party. And, since I have an analytical mind and am very interested in strategy games and such, I see the reference to the term "Guerilla War" as the kind of war style that the Arabs are utilizing against the Americans called "Gorilla warfare", in which someone would attack their attackers, then hide away for about 15 minutes, just to do it again.
This seems to be a love poem, in which the title is used as an Allegory. I canít see how else this term is used, only in the title. The title can mean: The Final Dynasty created, or the Last Empire of Earth. Something to that nature. But, it can also mean the ending of a serious relationship, or of a love. He makes a reference to her, "Mistress of the Valley". I donít understand what this means.
The line in which he writes:
"Loving you was a kind of Chinese Guerilla war-"
This could possibly mean that his love for this woman was hard to get around, that he couldnít "fend off the attacks". I still am not completely sure what this means.
It appears that the speaker in this story is Stanley Kunitz, as I have stated before. "On the character of the enemy", I donít understand what this could mean. Also, why did he connect the words Still and Mistress? Am I suppose to get something more out of this poem because of the connection???
Because of the mystery given to me by this poem, not only can I not find the tone, but, I feel that this is the best poem of the 5 that I have chosen. It is possible that the tine given here is one of sadness, despair, but I am only saying this because of the final three lines of the poem:
"Tell me, are you stillmistress of the valley,
what trophies drift downriver,
why did you keep me waiting?"
Added by: Jennifer Orozco
After the Last Dynasty is included in his Collected POems, which was published in 2000. I bought it off Amazon.com almost a year ago. It's a great book.

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