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Writing shit about new snow

Kobayashi Issa

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Added by: Jeff
I have heard the story behind this poem. In Issa's time, there was a poetry contest held by the local daimyo (feudal lord). All haiku is supposed to have a nature theme. The theme chosen for this contest was 'new snow'. Whoever wrote the best haiku mentioning new snow would win a cash prize. Issa was a famous poet then, and everyone looked forward to hearing his entry. But he took the opportunity to comment on the contest itself.
Comment about Writung shit about new snow
Added by: rob grigus
It is a very inappropriate haiku and it should not be here
Added by: Oren
I totally agree with the sentiments in this haiku. It's saying, if you are not truly inspired, don't bother.
Added by: mike
Sorry folks, truth be told, most poets are crude to some extent. It is still a good haiku, despite the sarcasm, and the cussing.

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