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Visitors' Comments about:

That pretty girl

Kobayashi Issa

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Added by: degnarra
pretty girl = rice cake?
In other words, is this supposed to have anorexic connotations or is that just my late-twentieth century spoiled middle class mind playing tricks on me?
Added by: Jough (editor)
No no no! The girl isn't being likened to the rice cake/wrapper/etc. It's much simpler than that.

The girl is simply eating a rice cake with the wrapper only half-way unwrapped so that she can hold it in her hands without getting schmutz on her hands.

A modern day haiku may be about eating a drive-thru cheesburger with the wrapper half unwrapped so that you can eat it without getting dirty.

Issa's not saying anything about the girl, really - it's an image. But we know a lot about the scene even through such a short poem.
Added by: degnarra
Gotcha, Jough. Pretty girl = neat freak.

If it's not anorexia it's OCD. figures.

Added by: EC
this person (degnara) has missed the point again.

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