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the way to hump a cow is not... (14)

e.e. cummings

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interestingly enough
Added by: Ali
notice how this poem follows a constant rythm, as opposed to most of his other poems which do not have this kind of flow or bounciness.
Added by: april
I love how this poem pokes fun at how politicians are constantly bullshitting.
I like that!!!
Added by: Brandon Parson
I luv this poem. Me and my boyfriend love this poem i mean because after we read it a couple time we figured out that humping a cow would be awesome to do. So we went out and found a very nice lookin cow his name was freddy he lives in Statesville NC. Which was good because i live in statesville. Well thank you E. E. Cummings I loved this poem and i think E.E. Cummings Is hott

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