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The Circus Animals' Desertion

William Butler Yeats

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The Circus Animals Desertion Yeats
Added by: Heward Wilkinson
What does it tell us that there are no comments here on this, the very greatest and most terrible of all Yeats's poems, the synopsis of a life, the one where he reaches the heights and depths of Macbeth's speech at the death of Lady Macbeth? What are we coming to?! Can we not read?!
Added by: goat_song
oh, shut up.
Added by: joel
i have to agree that this is a very great and terrible poem. But and terror asside many yeats poems are at least equal to this. e.g. lapis lazuli, the tower, the byzantium poems, two songs from a play, aedh remembers forgotten beauty (or o'sullivan rua to mary kinsalla), among the school children, the utterly brilliant and hilarious comment that is 'a stick of insence' which i dont think most people get, news for the delphic oracle, etc. are all at least equal to 'circus animal.' but i have to say that the final couplet is maybe the best of his last poetry

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