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somewhere i have never travelled... (LVII)

e.e. cummings

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Added by: Jay7

The most profound line in the poem is the last of course. It sums up all of his thoughts:

"nobody, not even the rain, has such small hands"

Roses that are closed will open up when it rains, only rain can open up a fragile rose without harming them. He is telling her she is so special that only she has been able to "open him up" or even, make him feel able to open up to her.

nobody, not even the rain has such small hands
Added by: Viktoria
the small hands, the infinite ways in which the beloved touches every bit of his existence, body and mind, "enclosing him in her gentle rain" (as jim morrison wrote in one of his poems).
Added by: Amber
"not even the rain has such small hands" The rain has the ability to get into every crevice and hole in the ground and manages to touch everything. In a way, it seems inevitable that anything left outside during a shower is going to be soaked. The person he is speaking of has "hands" that are so small they manage to touch every aspect of his life in such an intricate way, that not even the rain could be so precise and cover as much of his heart.

I agree with Jeremy. "i don't know what it is about you that closes and opens only something in me understands; the voice of your eyes is deeper than all roses" This is the best explanation of love I have ever read. The feelings you feel for that special person are so complex and awesome, they are unexplainable. You can't truly say what you feel, and only when you look in their eyes can you know how real it is.
Added by: bii
It is one of the most profoundly descriptive expressions of that unendless ,heartstopping,freeing ache;that knowing, unknowable,moving ,unsustainable,sustainable rapture and it always makes everything better.I really think it outdoes all of them.
Added by: James
to equate Fragility with weakness is just mindless. Think of all the incredible things that are considered Fragile; Crystal, China, relationships, etc... I believe his equating her as being fragile is more of a perception he's using to illustrate how he must handle her. Handle With Care kind of thinking. This is a precious thing he's talking about, his love for her. Fragility can be very powerful, it commands your sense of care, of deliberation and delicacy.
Added by: James
I think the "intense fragility" is not meant to describe the subject of the poem, but rather their influence. These "small hands" are capable of powerful things, but work in so subtle a manner that cummings cannot but embrace this experience.

By reversing the romantic cliche of the flower to be the lover instead of the beloved and describing the beloved in terms of weather, he demonstrates how frail he is and how at her whim.

This poem is my favorite love poem, because it captures that feeling of being so powerless before your beloved without being resentful, but rather enchanted and mystified, with the fact. All the lines which refer to her eyes remind me of that feeling of melting and entirely forgetting yourself when you make eye contact with the one you love.

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