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she being Brand... (XIX)

e.e. cummings

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she being brand
Added by: wolfe glenda
I need help! I was told to answer the following quesiton: What ambiguities in language do these poems ride on? At what point were you first aware of these double meaning? Why do I think cummings and Blake uses an extended metaphor to develop out his work? Can I get feedback AsAP?
Added by: McFar
One of the best poems about sex ever written.
Added by: JE
If you read the poem beyond a surface level you can see that this is a peom about a man taking a woman's virginity. Just think of the car as the girl being deflowered.
"she being Brand"
Added by: katelynn
I think the poem is about a woman being deflowered.
she being brand is about...
Added by: Tyler Barnard
having sex with a virgin. duh.
Added by: domina
I enjoy the metaphor. she is a vehicle for his pleasure. he goes "right to it," manipulates her body to react, to feed , to accelerate his impending orgasm. and when she expectedly rejects his aggression sliding "into reverse" he reveals his frustration: "what the hell."

e.e. cummings delivers a powerful ending. her trembling is not relieved , not consoled, but brought to a standstill, a dead one. it is beyond a physical reaction to the loss of such "precious" virginity. it is a loss of something more; the disappointment that weighs down fallen expectations, the death of a dream.

Added by: Daniel
"What ambiguities in language do these poems 'ride' on?"

The answer is in the question!
she being brand new
Added by: Red Wilhelm
The most lovely and beautiful double entendre(sp, sorry) I have ever, in my pitiful life, read.
she being branded
Added by: Richard
The last stanza is not about the loss of such precious virginity and teh accompanying fallen expectations as much as it is referring the the after-effects of the orgasm that she just experienced.
dead stand-still
Added by: jeremy
i agree with domina

leave it to a guy (richard) to translate the dead stand-still to the after effects of an orgasm. it's interesting to get see gender-based differences in translations. it's very understandable for a guy to view it as the let down after an orgasm because guys like to think that, due to their sexual prowess, girls will no doubt have orgasms. however, i have heard that women usually do not experience an organsm their first time.

leaving the arena of sexual physiology, the description of the stand-still as being "dead" must be addressed. although in elizabethan times, "to die" was used to mean "to have an orgasm," i doubt that cummings is alluding to an elizabethan term. instead, i like domina's explanation that "dead" refers to the death of the woman's virginity. and domina's comment about "death of a dream" is very touching.

although this is an ingeneous poem, does anybody else find it disturbing that driving a car is used as a metaphor for HAVING sex? and that the woman is reduced to a machine?

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