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Duino Elegies: The First Elegy

Rainer Maria Rilke

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Added by: justin p
translation matters a whole lot. I'm beginning to think that the dosteovesky I read was completely different from the other one in the book store. in my version of the duino elegies, the translation says "who would here me among the angelic orders", I like that better.
Added by: Sarah
I fnd the first comment interesting about preference for another translation of the First Elegy. I have always preferred this first line in Flemming's translation - it is ever more lyrical. So, it is true, that translation makes all the difference.
Added by: Daniel
A good book on Rilke and the Elegies is William H. Gass' Reading Rilke: Reflections on the Problems of Translation. He translates the Elegies (personally I prefer Galway Kinnell and Hannah Liebmann's new translation) and dissects a few lines, including the beginning of The First Elegy. He lists the many extant translations of that line and you'll find a lot of peculiar-sounding constructions (of course, I don't know German.)
Added by: E.L.
I really like the William and Mary Crichton translation put out by Green Integer. It's cleaner feeling, and more musical. "For the beautiful is right at the margin of the terrifying, which we can only just endure."
translations of the 1st elegy
Added by: Sara Wise
If anyone has any links they could send me of other translations of the 1st elegy, I'm collecting them. Thanks!

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