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A Dream Within A Dream

Edgar Allan Poe

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Added by: addie
I think this poem is talking about how we see and think things in a certain way, but it's actually what we hope it to be. The second stanza is about suffering and going through something painful. I think most of edgar allen poe's poems are confusing. I think he's confused about his emotions and is running away from them. He doesn't know what is a dream and what isn't anymore.
Added by: JC
I think this is a poem of frustration for Poe. He seems to be struggling to find out what reality really is. The "dream" he describes seem to depict how he cannot grasp the truth and purpose in his life. When he continues to descibe his inability to hold onto the sand from the beach, he seems to be describing how life just keeps slipping from his hands and that there is nothing he can do to stop it. He does not understand why his life is so, and that is why he says that it is all just a dream.
A way to face reality
Added by: Daryl
I believe the poem is telling people about the harshness of reality rather than his personnal life. Although i cannot say nothing horrible has happened to his life, writing a poem just solely to feel better is not too beautiful. "All that we see or seem" shows how he is telling us that reality is similar to a dream because it is so hard to grasp our goals.

We, as people, set high goals on ourselves to achieve to become happy. But Poe wants to explain that reality is very different from dreams. "Through my fingers to the deep" shows how hard it is to grasp onto a dream.
Added by: Allen
I think he is talking about a girl or someone who is leaving in the first part. In the 2nd part I think he is saying that he wants the person to stay but the person can not be grasped. I don't think im getting very deep but still this is what I think.
Added by: Radhika
I think this poem is about him leaving a girl he loves. He misses her and becomes very emotional. He feels like he's losing her and is in a "dream within a dream". The words "gone", "all", and "one" are italicized. They might represent something like everyone in his life is gone.
dream within a dream
Added by: suki
the speaker loves her girlfriend very much,but is sad because he is no longer with her. he begins to fall in a dream he creates.he start to question what is real,and what is a dream, because he doesn't want to face his feelings. you can tell he is sad,because he speaks about losing hope.the ocean is a powerful image to express how he loves his girlfriend and how upset he is because he is gone .
A Weird Ryhme Scheme
Added by: Krishi
The ryhme scheme of this poem is kind of weird. It is clear that the ryhme scheme is AB, but Poe does not always follow this. For example in the first two lines the words brow and now seem to ryhme but don't actually. Also the third line doesn't seem to rhyme with the fourth, but it seems to ryhme with the first two lines, which don't actually rhyme?? I guess good poets get a little creative sometimes.
there's different rhymes
Added by: brandon
those lines actually do rhyme. "brow" and "now" it's called "end rhyme" which means that the words just sound similar and the end of a line. there are many differen't types of ways to rhyme. the one most common you're thinking of is called exact rhyme where the vowel and consonants are the same. which really those lines could be exact rhyme also

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