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The Swan

Mary Oliver

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Where's this from?
Added by: Kassidy
I just bought a book of Oliver poems and there is another poem under this name. Does anyone know what book of poetry this is in?
It's fantastic--one of my favorites...
The Swan.
Added by: Craig McLanachan
I consider this poem one of the great anthems to the appreciation of nature's wonders and our place within it. Mary uses her great skill to build a tempo that rises to a crescendo of beauty and awareness. All power to Mary, may her words lead many to share her special viewpoint.
The Other Swan Poem
Added by: jolie_moon
Kassidy -- There is a poem called The Swan by Kabir. You can find it in an anthology by Robert Bly -- The Soul Is Here For Its Own Joy. There are some Mary Oliver poems in this book too. Great book too. Here is The Swan by Kabir --

Swan, I'd like you to tell me your whole story!
Where you first appeared, and what dark sand you are going toward,
and where you sleep at night, and what you are looking for...

It's morning, swan, wake up, climb in the air, follow me!
I know of a country that spiritual flatness does not control,
--- nor constant depression,
and those alive are not afraid to die.
There, wildflowers come up through the leafy floor,
and the fragrance of "I am he" floats on the wind.

There the bee of the heart stays deep inside the flower,
and cares for no other thing.

Cool, eh?

Added by: Kassidy

That poem is stunning--thanks so much for posting it. And that book is now on my "run right out and buy" list. I have always connected with Oliver's work more than any other poet and so I'm glad to be diverging a bit.
Bless you~
other Mary Oliver Swan poem
Added by: Jessica
There is a Mary Oliver poem that begins...
Across the wide waters
something comes
floating -- a slim
and delicate...
This may be the poem that you were thinking about. It is called the swan. It is from House of Light, but is also included in her New and Selected Poems, and Winter Hours.

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