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Visitors' Comments about:

The Sun

Mary Oliver

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Added by: Sam
I like this poem.... It draws us back to the more important things in life.... the essentials. I think the point is that people are far too caught up in themselves to realize what it really great in life.
The Sun by Mary Oliver
Added by: Mary Murphy
Someone placed a copy of "The Sun" on an information board located in Jack's Park on the Mnterey Peninsula, California. I run my dog on the trails there and often am drawn to Mary Oliver's "The Sun". Filled with the beauty of nature, and my body calm and content from the physical exurtion of the run, the poem has a power that overwhelms me. I wish that I could tell Mary Oliver just how remarkable her words are, thank her for this poem and for the message of the last stanza.
Added by: Mona
this poem is very unique.it talks about the sun. i like suns :)

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