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The Journey

Mary Oliver

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Added by: Rick Nelson
This poem is good company, when one might be found among unpleasant circumstance.

I like the word breaks and end line repetition. The word "own" resonates in its line where to word "world" lays down to its sound. This self actualizing poem sets a can-do attitude toward the stumblings we all face in the life-path we stride. We only need listen to that steady base- our hearts.
One life
Added by: Melinda
Determined to save the only live you had--your own.

For those of us who've nearly lost our lives to being good and motherly, this poem, with its breathless rhythm, affirms and encourages, lays it on the line. One life to live, mine.
Have I heard this before?
Added by: Roger Bradley
I'm sure that there is another poem, by someone else, with EXACTLY the same theme - can anyone help, please?
Added by: aX
The Journey by Mary Oliver is a poem about mental determination and change. The poem has no obvious rhythm scheme or any great sensory details, however the journey is a metaphor for self discovery let go of stuff that constrains us

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