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Reading The Brothers Grimm To Jenny

Lisel Mueller

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Added by: Lisa G.
This is a wonderful poem. We can all learn from children who choose to believe good conquers evil even in our tragically flawed world. I guess this is obvious, but I just felt like commenting on something by Lisel Mueller cuz she rocks and I want to express my appreciation.
Added by: Carl J.
As the annoyingly hackneyed phrase goes, "Children are our future". Of course we lie to them about the harshness of our own "reaL" world, we want them to be dissapointed in it. We want them to see beyond the sad world that is and to create the world that could be.
Added by: Sam D
This poem is horrible. That is what's wrong withe this world. Little do we know, if the little children were running the world, we would be in shambles. Why dont you write something useful??

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