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Visitors' Comments about:

Moon Fishing

Lisel Mueller

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Added by: K. Peters
I absolutely love this poem. It has beautiful voice, and shows its meaning through undertones.

As for how I interpreted it?

I believe that it was people striving for something--anything, whether it be money, social rank, an ostriche--and doing anything they can to get to it. Thus, the moon. But because they are so blinded by their false dreams they don't realize it's a mere reflection.

Cutting their wives' hair might mean hurting or changing your own family, but it doesn't matter, because it will mean acheiving this dream. Fishing with their hearts is losing your soul, losing track of life and losing what's really important. And then, drinking up the pond: This is the point where one is doing all actions they can take to get to this single dream and hope, regardless of the consequences. And then, doing the one thing that will take it out of your grasp forever.

This is how I interpreted Moon Fishing. It's a lovely piece, and a favorite of mine.
Added by: Lucretia
I think this is simply about how men don't appreciate their women until they're gone. It's like the fairy tale by Wilhelm Hauff (translated by Robert Browning) called "The Cold Heart" where the man agrees to let the giant have his real heart in exchange for a stone one and unending riches. But with his new stone heart, he is so cruel and unfeeling towards his young bride that she dies.
Added by: O. Mbachu
has nothing to do with mistreating women or the sort. please. read clearer and with less bias. as the first commentator said, its about seeking our dreams at all cost, perhaps ultimately wrongly, and hence gaining nothing!
Added by: L. King
yes, we can all agree it's good work. the author of the third posting needs to come down from on high and understand that we are each entitled to interpret a poem differently.
Added by: O. Mbachu
we ARE entitled to personal interpretations, sure, but there is such a thing as 'author's intentions.' and there is a realm to interpretations-- for example, a poem about rice should not be interpreted as a poem about dragons. such discrepancy only whittles the art.

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