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Shine, Perishing Republic

Robinson Jeffers

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meteors and mountains
Added by: Dee Lacey
The poet says "meteors are needed no less than mountains": this is a metaphor for what he has just finished saying, that hurrying up the natural process of decay isn't really wrong, as life, whether long or short, ends. However, it's meant somewhat ironcially, as indicated later, when he makes a most definite preference for the mountains clear. Mountains have very long lives -- millennia or more; meteors have noticeably swift ones, momentary brightly shining. He understands intellectually that in some sense there is no difference, but he clings to the possibility of staving off decay by staying at the mountain end of the spectrum.
Heavily thickening to empire
Added by: William Henry Naumann
Today's America appears to much of the world an out-of-control hegemonic beast, far worse than Jeffers' portrait.
How could one pathetically mediocre White House mind produce such chaotic disruption?
Edward Abbey and Jeffers
Added by: Halfdan Abrahamsen
Wow! I never knew how much Edward Abbey was influenced by Jeffers, several lines from this poem (and others) are present in Edward Abbey's work.
If you donīt know Abbey (which would be good for you as you would have so much in store) start out with Desert Solitaire.
Thanks all those who posted them.

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