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(Me up at does)

e.e. cummings

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Added by: Scott A. L.
I am reminded of the story (which may or may not have been concocted for the movie Natural Born Killers) about the person that nursed the poisonous snake back to health only to get bitten. The snake replied "you knew I was a snake". Not earth shattering, but nature (and human nature) is undeniable.
Added by: Mucks
I love this poem. Its impact and beauty lie, I think, in its simplicity.

Every time I read this, its a kick in the nuts.
Added by: Michael
I remember, at the time, a much person asking "are you man or mouse?" I took offense, but to myself into this poem, in my life, now, 20 years from.

I would favor the mouse.

Success in life is, naturally, making it to the end. how defines success not, except to others compared. although I have not it made thus, I would say it on mine. rather still be the mouse. if [to them] wrong answer [at the time], I might not be the mouse today, glad, then matters not. if only knew. makes sense now.

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